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The company MAROUKIAN BROS is engaged in the import, export, and trade of industrial goods and tools for over 66 years. From Grandfather Krikor Maroukian to the sons and now in the third generation, MAROUKIAN BROS serves with experience and taste, a multitude of customers, whether wholesale or retailers, inside and outside Greece. Pioneers and unique sellers in Northern Greece of specific products, such as semi-rivets, tools and screwdrivers, we are one of the oldest companies in the industry. Having thousands of product codes in our two stores enables us to serve all kinds of requirements. Our main strength is the supply chain of industrial and construction companies, The company carefully chooses its associates always in accordance with its basic principle of being next to the professional.
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MAROUKIAN BROS O.E. has been active in the import, export and trade of industrial goods and tools for more than 66 years. The company, that has been handed down from father Krikor Maroukian to sons and now to the third generation serves with dedication and expertise a great number of customers, both wholesalers and retailers in Greece and abroad. MAROUKIAN BROS O.E., a pioneer and unique seller of specific products in Northern Greece, such as semi-rivets, tools and screwdrivers, is one of the oldest companies in the industry.

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The great variety of product codes available in both stores enables them to serve all kinds of needs. The company’s priority is to preserve a strong and enhanced supply chain with industries and construction companies. Therefore, MAROUKIAN BROS O.E. chooses very carefully its associates, always in accordance with its basic principle, that is, to stand by the professionals.


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  • Chains

  • All types of Galvanized & Black screws

  • All types of ALLEN & TORX screws

  • Stainless Steel screws

  • Cutting & Grinding Discs

  • Welding Products (Electrodes, Argon Wire)

  • Employee Protection Products

  • Electric & Load Tools

  • Hand Tools

  • Cross, Straight, TORX, Square Screwdrivers

  • Locks – Padlocks

  • Dies

  • All Press Galvanized, Black, Inox nuts

  • Semi-Thread, Blind, Scratched, Threaded Rivets

  • Paintbrushes, Airbrushes

  • Hole Saw Cutters

  • All types of Washers

  • Stainless Steel, Polyester Fillers

  • Air Drills, Cobalt Drills, Diamond Drills, Mounted Axis

  • Paints – Primers – Varnishes


Great range in

Inch Screws

Stainless Steel Screws

Japanese Rubicon Screwdrivers

Italian Semi-finished Percids

Hand Tools



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564 30, Stavroupoli
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FAX: +30 2310 684 186

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